New Motors & Product Sales


General Purpose Motors – 1 Phase & 3 Phase
Oilwell Motors
Permanent Magnet DC
Vertical Motors
Explosion Proof Motor
Pump Motor
Farm Duty Motor
Coolant Pump
Brake Motors
IEC Motors
Top Drive Motor
DrawWorks and Mud Pump

Automation & Controls

Magnetic Starter
AC & DC Drives
Manual Motor Protectors
Soft Starters

Synchronous Generator

Magnetic Starter


  • Oil Type Distribution Transformer
    • 30 up to 300 kVA
    • 301 up to 3.000 kVA
  • Oil Type Power Transformer
    • 3.001 up to 50.000 kVA
    • 50.001 up to 400.000 kVA
  • Special Transformers
  • Shunt Reactors
  • Underground and Submersible Oil Type Transformers

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