Engineering Services

DSTAR Electric Ltd. specializes in field engineering for power systems. We are experienced and capable of handling the power system needs within any industry.

Our safety protocols, supportive culture, experienced staff, and ability to service remote and restricted areas have made us the preferred source for clients in many different industries.

  • Complete system design and installation
  • System coordination studies
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Arc flash studies
  • Electrical disturbance measurement analysis
  • Harmonics analysis
  • Commissioning and witness testing
  • Power factor studies and correction
  • Preparation of system drawings
  • Independent forensic evaluation



  • Power Transformers
    Substation, GSU and Collector 3-phase
    ≤ 150 MVA*, ≤ 230 kV
  • Autotransformers 3-phase
    ≤ 250 MVA*, ≤ 230 kV
  • Substation, GSU and Collector 1-phase
    ≤ 75 MVA, ≤ 230 kV
  • Autotransformers 1-phase
    ≤ 125 MVA, ≤ 230 kV
    *Higher capacity in Brazil (400MVA)
  • Unit substation Transformers
    Substation 3-phase
    1 to 5 MVA, ≤ 34.5 kV




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